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Price: £5

Metabolic Conditioning at Macclesfield Performance.

Improve, adapt and challenge your body with workouts that create fit, strong and lean individuals, capable of exercise at various intensities.

“MetCon” as it is known for short, are sessions that are delivered as a structured programme.

Coached group sessions, designed to develop participants in their Aerobic, Glycolytic-Lactic and Phosphagen energy systems as well as a mix of all of the above. Why not attend one of our monthly “Movement Screening” Sessions prior to attending MetCon to ensure you get the best our of your weekly MetCon workouts.

MetCon at Macclesfield Performance is a 45 minute class, participants are advised to arrive at MP on the hour prior to the session to warm up, mobilise and prepare for the workout using the techniques they have been shown in their movement screening.  Demos and warm ups for each session are still included in the sessions. Please arrive promptly to avoid class disruption.