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Post Workout Protein Shakes!

We love our post workout shakes at Macclesfield Performance.
An intake of protein whatever your method post workout can for many be one of the key elements to their results.  The truth of the matter is that results are made in the kitchen and after slogging away in the gym,  breaking muscles down rep after rep,  it is now time to build them back up to be stronger,  faster and far more metabolic than ever before.
Don’t panic after reading that last sentence.  Let us explain a little more what we mean before you think that exercise is no good for you! 😉

Lets use lifting weights as an example…
So when someone lifts weights the tiny muscle fibres involved begin to break down.  The process of your muscles breaking down occurs fairly early on in your workout as your muscle tissue becomes depleted of its main energy source,  muscle glycogen.  The breaking down of the muscle tissue is necessary for building muscle size and endurance,  it’s a natural response,  but too much of it can be counterproductive also.

Side note: Hours and hours in the gym on one session can often lead to a counterproductive response,  so in short remember when planning your workout that it is “quality” over “quantity” when your looking at time spent in the gym.  Right – back on topic…

So you’ve been to the gym,  lifted your weights, put the work in and now it’s time to build that tissue back up, but how do you do it? Well, two simple and easy to come by methods are key… REST & REFUEL!


Protein Recovery Shakes


For refuelling there are many possibilities,  think carefully about what you have put your body through and what would benefit it the most in this post workout state.  One of the most dominant nutrients to recovery is Protein.
We find that a quick and easy method to refuelling is a homemade superfood protein shake.
Not only can you pack it full of protein,  fibre,  healthy fats,  vitamins,  antioxidants and more,  homemade means you can literally enjoy any flavour you want and at a fraction of the price of a shop bought sugar packed,  low protein or even no protein smoothie.

Think of the following for ideas on ingredients…

Protein Source

High quality powders (you can choose flavoured or unflavoured and there are vegan, vegetarian and lactose free options on the market too) or how about Yoghurt or Milk.

Fruits & Vegetables

The possibilities are endless,  for those  you concerned about potentially bitter tasting raw vegetables,  you can counter act this by adding a sweet nutrient packed fruit!  How about freezing the fruit so once blended in to the shake you have lovely cool refreshing drink after you’ve trained? Their are dozens of combinations you can choose – be creative you’d be amazed at what goes well together.

Healthy Fats

Nuts, Nut butters, Seeds  (such as chia, flax or hemp),  Coconut Milk or Oil or Avocado’s.

Need it more runny?

Try adding water,  coconut water,  milk,  almond milk or even chilled green tea.

Top it off with even more goodness 

You can really make that extra special shake by adding chopped ginger,  fresh mint,  vanilla pods,  oats,  seeds,  nuts, dates, cocoa powder or even dark chocolate shavings to your superfood shake.

The Possibilities are endless

These shakes not only work as a great post-workout solution but also as a fantastic snack idea.  With so many branded smoothie and cereal snacks on the market these days, its easy to forget that the better option is homemade.  Creating your own doesn’t take long and believe us, you’ll be pleased you opted out of all the additives and hidden ingredients from the packed drinks out there.  Kids love these too!

So grab yourself a blender – throw in some nutrient filled delights following the tips above and recover those hard worked muscles.
We’d love to see your pictures and hear about your creations please find us on all social media sites and share your tasty healthy creations with us!