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Sweet Potato Snack Muffins

So here is a great recipe that we found on Jamie Oliver’s webisite.
These Sweet Potato Muffins are truly delicious.  We loved them!
Jamie,  as we are sure you all know is hugely influential and well known for his global food awareness campaigns and food education schemes.
His latest book  “Everyday Superfood”  has loads of recipes based around using the best of natural ingredients for cooking.
Sure,  not all recipes will suit all goals,  but for those wanting to clean up their diet from processed and sugary foods and try their hand at some home cooked healthier recipes,  it’s a great book crammed with ideas for you to try.

Using the trusty sweet potato along side some fiery red chilli,  some cooling cottage cheese and some tasty poppy and sunflower seeds.  Jamie has made a dish that is perfect as a breakfast or a snack packed full of nutrients and flavour.

Why not give it a try yourself? Here is a picture of our freshly baked  muffins. 🙂


Jamies Sweet Potato Muffins