Macclesfield Performance




AnnWhen I started going to DS Lifestyle & Fitness classes I believed I knew about healthy nutrition and exercise and just did not realise how much bad habits had become my way of life and how many excuses I subconsciously made for myself on a daily basis.

Working with Dom has definitely been a challenge because excuses aren’t accepted!  What has helped me most is Dom’s positive approach and her belief in me where I would have given up.  Dom’s knowledge about health and fitness is impressive but her instinctive understanding of people’s self-doubts and fears is equally important, and her unfailing encouragement and motivation has really helped me to think more positively about myself and my capability.

I have been training with Dom, and Steve, and other DS trainees for just over a year now.  The exercise sessions and classes are always varied, challenging and fun.  The benefits to me have not only been weight and inch loss, but also improved health, strength and confidence.

I want to maintain this lifestyle so will be carrying on with my DS sessions both 1-2-1 and group and highly recommend DS Lifestyle & Fitness to everyone, whatever age or level of fitness!