Macclesfield Performance




In May I was sitting in the garden at my eldest daughter’s house, discussing a fund raising event which my charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, would be bringing to Capesthorne Hall at the end of September.
I had asked Dominique if she would be willing to put a team together, on behalf of the charity, to do “Born Survivor” a 10km military designed obstacle course. In a moment of madness … and after a couple of glasses of wine … I decided that, as a member of the ABF Committee, I had to be on the team!

Scepticism was voiced by a few, but this only served to make me more determined and then my journey began.

Dominique discussed with me the difficulties I would face, particularly due to my overall fitness, but insisted that if I really wanted to do it, she would help me and be there for me every step of the way. I then commenced a regime of regular training.
She worked out a programme for me, taking into consideration physical difficulties such as my age and osteoarthritis and she gave me gradual goals to achieve, monitoring my progress along the way.  She spent many hours working with me and giving me the encouragement I needed. Within a month I noticed my overall fitness improving and I was able to achieve things I had never imagined possible.
I learnt to jog, something which I had always insisted was beyond my capabilities and along with my swimming and almost daily exercise outside or in the gym, I became fitter and more confident and a real bonus … I started to lose weight!

Macclesfield Performance

By the time Saturday 27 September arrived, not only was I energised and ready for the challenge, I had also raised over my target amount of £1000 for the ABF Charity.

The Born Survivor Challenge was amazing and although it was extremely hard, I was constantly encouraged all the way round by Dominique and the rest of the team, resulting in my reaching the finishing post with no injury, other than sore joints and bruising and that’s nothing to do with age!

To say that I am grateful to Dominique for her commitment to me, does not sufficiently express my admiration for the work she does at Macclesfield Performance with her husband Steve. Together they have introduced to Macclesfield a business which really understands and cares about the individual needs of their clients. I know, because I have seen for myself over the last 12 months the results they have achieved, not only with myself but with others in Team MP and they have created a loyalty amongst their clients in the process.

Check out Bernadette taking on Born Survivor HERE!