Macclesfield Performance




dave turner before & afterWow, how did I achieve that? There must have been some major sacrifices involved surely?
Well the good news is that, honestly, it doesn’t feel like there has been.  That’s probably a good thing as there is no point in kidding myself that a major lifestyle change was going to happen… but has it!?

The weight that you see in my first picture seemed to creep on, sneaking up on me as I took my eye off the ball perhaps?

But in a slightly puzzling way over time it is also disappearing back off!  I’m still out on the weekends, drinking beer, eating out and having take-aways.  So what’s different now?

If you want to ‘play hard’ I guess you need to work hard, and that’s certainly where Dom and Steve come in!

With DS Lifestyle and Fitness I’ve found the perfect environment to strike a balance.  It is over 18 months now since I started training with Dom at ProEx PT.  It was really tough to start with, and well, it still is!
There is a DS Lifestyle & Fitness mantra that “it never gets easier because we train harder”.  I think that’s perhaps the ‘secret’.  I’ve increased the number of classes I attend with Dom and Steve, and I now train 4 nights a week more often than not, and I also made a return to running after a bit of a break.

So getting these results didn’t mean the torture of trying to deny myself the things I enjoy, just balancing it out with challenging exercise.  As a consequence of the training and advice though I’m certainly a lot more self-aware, consciously and subconsciously taking greater note of what I eat and drink.  I also know that within me I have flipped things around, I put the work in first to earn the thing I see as ‘rewards’.   And do you know what?  They taste all the sweeter this way around, and I probably don’t indulge as much for the same sense of satisfaction (proving perhaps that less really can be more!)

I’m not where I might be, but I am really happy with where I am at.  I am heading in the right direction whilst still enjoying (moderately) all the things that I want to.

I ride out the blips with the encouragement and advice that’s on tap when you’re part of TeamDS, secure in the knowledge that I’m on the right course overall.  One thing is for sure, I know I’m never going back!

In the past month I’ve taken on a huge personal challenge, something I’d wanted to do for a while but never felt nearly capable of attempting.  I sit now with a great sense of pride and achievement  at  having completed what is considered to be one of the UK’s ultimate endurance races, the Parachute Regiments Para’s10.  Based on one of their selection tests, the event is a 10 mile cross country TAB (tactical advance to battle), wearing boots, trousers, and carrying a bergen with 35lbs weight.  Cut off time for recruits is 1 hour 50 minutes (a run not a walk).  I was within 5 minutes of the time having given it my everything.  My body is still recovering which pleases me in a sense as I know I gave it everything I had.  I couldn’t have achieved it without Dom and Steve’s help, and in the future who knows, maybe I’ll be back to break that time…