Macclesfield Performance




DavidI was struggling to find the time to fit in exercise around work and other commitments, so was becoming very disappointed that I’d let my fitness slip. I was at a junction and needed to make a positive step. I’m just signing up for my 3rd consecutive 6 week block of ProEx PT sessions and here’s why…

I’ve attended group classes in the past, I’ve had gym memberships over the years, but I really have to question now if I’d wasted time and money, was I even doing it right?? The close coaching with a personal 1:1 feel that ProEx PT sessions provide is fantastic. I feel pushed to the limit in safe way that accounts for my individuality. Just 45 mins once a week and I’ve achieved amazing results. I’ve lost around half a stone and my body fat % has reduced significantly! The results from the weekly measurements at ProEx PT are a great incentive to keep up the good work, if how I look and feel wasn’t enough already!

If you need motivating then see Dom for ProEx, the session is fun and friendly with a serious underbelly. Once underway there is no stop, it’s high intensity all the way, and you’ll be amazed at just what you can achieve as week on week you break your old best counts.