Macclesfield Performance




Weight Loss MacclesfieldI joined Macclesfield Performance after I watched them training in the park from the window of our house. Our second child, was 8 months old and I wanted to lose weight. I thought it looked like fun and went over to introduce myself and ask if I could join in. That was the beginning for me. I attended more and more classes, signed up for endurance events and then started running. I soon found my real passion was in running. I could go off by myself and get lost in the hills for hours.


Dom and Steve have always encouraged me and given me much needed advice regarding training programs and nutrition. Both they and the other clients that regularly attend MP classes have become good friends and thats one of the many reasons that keep me going back.


My husband and I have to do a lot of juggling as with 2 children, him doing long hours at work and us both also having our own fitness routines it can be a struggle. But it is definitely worth it. From the outset it was Team DS that gave me the motivation to reach my goals. Their encouragement and support is second to none and now it is a real honour to become one of their coaches.