Macclesfield Performance




JenniferWhen I signed up with DS Lifestyle and Fitness for their 12 week programme, I was slightly apprehensive – not about Dom’s abilities, but about my own. At the time I was trying to enjoy exercise but struggling to find a goal and a structure that I could stick to and, perhaps more importantly, enjoy.

Dom’s passion for exercise and health is infectious – the first session she took time to explain everything in a way that didn’t distance and panic me, like so many other personal trainers or ‘experts’ have done before. She made it really simple but linked everything back to fact, to support the 12 week plan.

My overall aim was to lose weight, but it was immensely refreshing to not be solely focused around my weight on the scales. Having quit smoking the previous year I wanted to focus on fitness and Dom recognised and encouraged that from the word go. She’s given me some fantastic advice around diet and nutrition, and has never made me feel stupid or bad for being overweight or for the bad choices I’ve made in the past.

Each week our training sessions were interesting, challenging and different – I expected to be in a gym environment each week, but in 12 weeks we never set foot in a traditional gym together! Instead our sessions took place in the marketplace in Macclesfield, a local MMA gym, along the canal and even on my kitchen floor with my cat looking on in confusion! Dom’s approach of fitness in everyday life, without needing expensive equipment and gym membership is so refreshing, and makes you really think about what you’re doing and enjoying it. And the sessions she devised for me to do in my own time were intense and focused, but most importantly she explained why we were doing everything and what it would achieve, which really helped maintain the focus when I was on my own in the gym.

About half way through the 12 week programme, Dom took me to the 108 steps in Macclesfield. Starting at the top, she said we were going to run down, and then up again. So we did. And after 4 times up and down my legs felt like they were on fire! However, when we were cooling down afterwards the realisation that I used to have to take 2 breaks walking up the steps just once, before we starting training together, hit me, and how my fitness has improved in a fairly short time. That feeling was immense and has spurred me on.
And that’s what Dom does – spurs you on, inspires you and makes you want to push harder and faster every day. I came into our 12 weeks very nervous and unsure, and I’ve come out with renewed confidence in my own abilities and the desire to get better every day.

I’m genuinely looking forward to my next 12 weeks – each session is like a night out with a mate rather than a chore. Thanks Dom 🙂