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“Morbidly Obese.  A year ago today, I was a night on the sofa with a bottle of wine and a large bag of crisps away from being there.  However before that wine passed my lips I made a phone call that quite literally changed my life forever.
The call went something like this…
“Hi, this is Jo Moroney, Jen and Wayne’s friend. I was wondering if you may be able to help me?”  then I hung up and thought “shit shit shit!”  Maybe it was the wrong number and she won’t call back… but low and behold she did, and here I am today.

So let me tell you about me and loosing weight…You name it, I’d tried it.

From simple Weight Watchers to The Cambridge Diet (for those who don’t know this one it’s a diet based on protein shake meal replacements). I thought that they worked at the time i was doing them, and had even lost 5 stone on the Cambridge but it soon crept back on.  There was one issue with all of the these – they were DIETS, FAD DIETS and so only ever work for the short term!

Through the personal training and nurtirtion coaching I have had with DS Lifestyle & Fitness, I have learned that the ethos of eating clean to keep lean is not a diet, but a lifestyle. As soon as I got to grips with that – woohoo!  Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy but it makes soooo much sense. That was step 1.

Step 2 filled me with more dread than being trapped in a room full of spiders.  Exercise.

With the right support from my Personal Trainer Dom, it turned out to not be so bad (ha ha! it’s great how you can look back through rose tinted glasses!). Now that I have developed a regular routine, I find myself thinking things that I would never have imagined would be a part of my natural thought process. For example – “oh my god I’ve still got 3 hours till I can train” and “mmm I might go for a run”.
I’ve entered two 10K events which are coming up in the next 9 months, I’m planning to enter Tough Mudder 2014 and I will be partaking in the 3 peaks challenge in 2014.

If you’d said to me a year ago that this would be me today, I would have laughed in your face. But one thing I did know back then is that change was required.

So, why do I train with Team DS?  Quite simply because ‘they rock’ and their support has provided me with the tools and understanding to become the healthier, happier me that I am today.

By the way, this morning it was confirmed that I have now officially left my obese days behind me and I know that this time – its forever!”