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MatthewWell, what can I say.. I’m happier and fitter, and it all started from me eavesdropping on a conversation Dom was having with my wife, talking about making healthy food choices and before I knew it my wife had signed me up for a 12 week weight loss and fitness programme. Generally I thought I was in quite good shape for my age, as I have done a degree in Sports Studies, and other family members are into sports science etc. But I went into this with an open mind, and just as well as I was to be proved other wise, that this was not the case in the forth coming couple of weeks.

At the start I must admit I was bit apprehensive, not sure what to expect and thinking what have I done this for? As after my first session with Dom all I can say is I was breathing out of my bottom!
However, now just over way through my 12 week programme the things that Dom had created for me in my first week, I have am now doing as a warm-up by week 7-8, I can’t believe how far I have come.

Dom’s attitude to exercise is unreal, each week we have fun doing lots of different things. Dom has been brilliant in terms of helping me to understand that I can exercise correctly in and around my local environment without setting foot in a gym. I now see a park not only as a place for kids to play but where I can do all kinds of exercises, from leg raises, pull ups and steps ups etc i’m now doing different runs starting from my house. I ever really enjoyed doing exercise that much unless it was sport related until now.

Furthermore, Dom has been totally fantastic in explaining things to me about how to each exercise should be done correctly and what foods to eat. I remember texting Dom explaining that I would not be able to complete my days activities i.e. going out for a run as I had to stay in and look after the kids, and within a couple of hours she had emailed me a 20min session that I could do from home, just brilliant!

Dom works with you to help you to set realistic targets/achievements and progress each week. So far I have lost 5 inches of my waist, 4% body fat and I’m starting to see muscle definition. Even though I’m just half way through my plan, I look forward to meeting up every week to doing fun and challenging activities and also most importantly I’m enjoy exercising on my own thanks to Dom.