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Enormous thanks to Dominique Nichols of DS Lifestyle & Fitness for the nutritional coaching she has given my girlfriend Natalie as she trains for the Edinburgh marathon in May.

Marathon training saw Nat lose weight and muscle definition (neither of which she wanted); and I began to see how tiredness from the intensity of training began to mentally and physically affect her.  Nat lost confidence in her training, didn’t have the energy to give it her all and I began to see the enjoyment of something she has always loved begin to fade.
Both of us knew how important good nutrition was when training so hard, but having a healthy and balanced diet normally, neither of us knew what or how things needed to change.
I could see that this bothered Nat a lot, wanting to give training 110% but not having the energy & constantly worrying about what the right thing/amount to eat was and I didn’t want her to fade away!

So, Nat sought the help of Dom, and after her first nutritional coaching session I could the see enormous weight that had been lifted off her shoulders as I came home to a smile every night once again.  Mentally, Nat now sees food as important as the training itself and the changes (both quality and quantity) in her diet have dramatically improved both her performance and recovery.  Physically, Nat is regaining the physique she had before she started on her marathon programme and she is now stronger, fitter and performing better than ever. After weeks of plateauing in her training runs, she’s hit new personal bests in her half-marathon and 15 mile times for the past two weeks on the trot. I think that sums up what a difference Dom is making!

The best thing is that Dom has been “teaching” Nat, so she can apply what she’s learning to her future training post-marathon, whatever that may be. Nat now takes great pleasure in educating me in all sorts of healthy and wonderful foods. Our kitchen cupboards have never looked so good (and neither has my packed lunch!).

I’ve got my happy, confident, motivated and determined girlfriend back and for that Dom we can’t thank-you enough!