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before and after pete teamds
On hearing that I was being deployed away from home on a ship, with limited resources for three months, I decided to set my self a challenge. How much could I transform the way I looked and felt? How fit could I get while I was away? How strong could I become and how much fat could I loose?

Having less than a week to prepare for this, I enlisted help of Dom and Steve of DS Lifestyle & Fitness. Because of the extreme conditions that I would be faced with they advised me on nutrition, supplementation and exercises that would be applicable to me whilst on a ship in a small confined space with limited resources.

Sticking to their training & nutrition programme meant that I achieved my objective in the time frame I set myself. As you can tell from the above pictures there has been a dramatic change in my appearance in addition to a significant reduction in my body fat and an Increase in lean muscle. Having been in the Royal Marines I new that I would have the self-discipline to stay focused, however knowing what to stay focused on, was all thanks to DS Lifestyle & fitness.

I hope that my pictures have inspired you to make a change in your life, as I now feel and look better than I have for years.