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Suzi – 6 Week Transformation!

Before & After

Suzi’s phenomenal body changes after taking part in our 6-week Couch To 5k course!

I’ve never been a lover of sport. I occasionally ventured to the gym but that’s as much as it got. Even at school I hated running.

But for some reason, when I saw the Run Macclesfield, Couch To 5k course advertised for this September – I wanted to do it.

I was nervous to start but once I got going I started to enjoy it. At times I thought “I can’t carry on” and even wanted to cry.
But I promised myself I’d finish, even through the pain I quickly noticed I was losing inches and it felt good.

On the last day, I was worried I would need to stop and rest but the RM/MP family got me through. I was so happy and elated to finish.

I wasn’t even this emotional on my wedding day (I do love my husband very much). 😉
This just shows anyone can do something, even me!

The whole RM/MP Team and our couch to 5k Coach Emma have been so so supportive throughout.
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