Macclesfield Performance



What can I say about Macclesfield Performance?
Well for starters this company is ‘my baby’,  the clients are my friends,  my colleagues are my family and the industry that I work in and the people that I meet are my inspiration.

I am a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer and I have a love for developing and educating people.  I am fascinated by human performance and over many years of working with the general public and athletes alike I have realised  just how misguided we are as a nation about what we should look like and more importantly how we should behave and live our lives in order to look or perform to our best.

Personally,  as many have,  in my early years before I worked in health & fitness – I tried every trick in the book to get thinner,  look prettier,  run faster and be like someone who I felt was better than myself.  Not only did I feel miserable every time I dieted,  trained wrongly and aspired to be like that perfect image that I saw in every magazine but I also failed miserably too!

The person that I am today is far from lost, far from unhappy and by doing things the right way I am exactly who I want to be.

Knowing that I help others achieve their goals and in the right way is a dream come true that I live daily.  Imagine thriving,  succeeding,  eating,  smiling and training better than ever before.  Let me show you how to make your training and nutrition work for you.  You can look and feel awesome,  be strong and successful and enjoy every second of it!