Macclesfield Performance



Since starting training with the Macclesfield Performance coaches 4 years ago I have developed from recreational runner and fitness enthusiast to competitive athlete and group leader at Run Macclesfield.  Having tested the waters of 5km up to full marathon distance, I’ve found myself suited to speed over miles…let me run and let me run fast!

More recently, I’ve ventured into multisport eventing – combining what I’m good at (running) with something of a stretch (cycling) – it hasn’t come without it’s challenges but overcoming such is what motivates me.

As much as I love pounding my trainers, I also love to lift, push, pull and jump.  I strongly believe in the importance of strength & conditioning in improving athletic performance and preventing injury and this is something both Emma and I endeavour to instil in all our runners.

Emma (Head Coach) and I make a fantastic duo leading the Run Macclesfield sessions.  They say opposites attract and this couldn’t be more true!  Between the two of us we cover a broad spectrum of experience, interests and strengths meaning our runners get the best of all worlds.

Supporting and building confidence in others is unbelievably rewarding – which is what makes our jobs at Run Macclesfield totally awesome!