Macclesfield Performance



Run Macclesfield: T1

Price: £5

Trail Group 1  (T1)  Lead by Run Macclesfield Head Coach Emma.

Perfect for those that are new to trail running.  Emma will take you out onto local trail routes in Macclesfield and its surrounding areas.  If you are capable of 5k but are not confident with hills and uneven terrain this is the perfect group for you to learn with.

Meeting at 09.30 every Sunday morning at various locaitons, Emma, accredited by England Athletics, coaches good technique and progression throughout for all. This slower paced session is a great introduction session into trail running for the less experienced runner looking to build confidence and stamina on trickier terrain.

This session is suitable for newer less confident runners!

Check out Trail Group 2 (T2) if you are a more seasoned and experienced trail runner looking for a more challenging session.

We regularly offer  “Couch To 5k” courses for those that are new to running and that are keen to give it a go with people of similar ability.  Our courses ease its participants into running in a well structured and achievable way.
If you have a goal or challenge looming then these courses are the ideal way to start preparing if it is your first attempt!

Enquire Here as to when our next “Couch To 5k” course is.