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Nutrition Advice and Coaching

At DS we believe that you should be getting the best information & coaching possible when it comes to healthy eating and nutritional intake.

We understand that eating patterns and habits can be deep rooted and difficult to change and thats why we have developed a ‘Lifestyle’ rather than a quick fix ‘Diet’ for you to learn about.

Staying food focussed is an necessity for any fitness programme. Its doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, get fit, stay healthy or all of the above, what you put into your body on a daily basis is a vital key to your success.

Are you aware of what is in the food you eat? Do you understand what your body requires and how it uses each of the nutrients it obtains from the foods you consume?

Learning the difference between a healthy option and a quick and easy option can be one of the hardest things to master. Our knowledge and techniques will help you make this change.

We will show you how to create a realistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle for yourself and your family that will last you a lifetime and that wont leave you feeling like you are missing out on the good stuff!

We will get you on your way to loosing weight and more importantly, body fat. We will create a personalised method that is healthy, realistic, and maintainable for more than just a few weeks or months, but will make a change for life.

A happier, healthier lifestyle is achievable. Why not make a change today and get in touch.

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