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Personal Training

Our flexible personal training services allow you to pay as you go, or buy in bulk. This personalised service offers more than just fitness guidance.

We will monitor and record your progress, measuring your fitness levels, weight loss, body fat loss, muscle gains, BMI and BMR. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your progress and based on your goals, you will have all the information you require to monitor the fantastic results you achieve.

We also offer nutritional advice and will be available on the telephone between sessions for guidance, support and even pep talks when required!

This personal service is very effective. It allows us to constantly monitor and assess your requirements. Take a look at some of our prices below:

Pay As You Go (per session)

From £35.00 (1 hour)
From £20.00 (30 min)

Joint PT: from £25.00 each person (1 hour)

Why not try Group Personal Training?
Check out ProEx PT
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Not sure what you need?

We can tailor your fitness training programme to suit your goals and budget get in touch to discuss your options.